Truck Repair Service

Nowadays, automotive vehicles not only require technical knowledge and equipment fix, it also requires a deep understanding of its mechanical structure. This is why you can trust in the professional pool of our capable mechanics to revive your vehicles back to its glory days. Whilst our experienced team does the revival work, ensuring a quick repair turnaround, we also take into consideration of your vehicles’ health status, and develop the most suitable repair procedure for you! 

In the event of an accident, RICAS has you covered! Contact us for a quick consultation at no obligation to find out more about our claims method. We promise to deliver a hassle-free and seamless experience for you! You’ll be glad that we met by accident.

Vehicle Accident Claim Singapore

Accident Claims

Spray Painting

Our workshop is equipped with professional paint mixing and spray painting capabilities. Let our experienced technicians work magic on your accident-damaged vehicle using our quality refinishing paint system to achieve a brand new look!

Vehicle Spray Painting Singapore

Your vehicle requires battery and air-con servicing to ensure optimal performance. It is too late to wait till the system fails without taking any action. At RICAS, we provide regular maintenance and service for lower fuel consumption that translates to better fuel efficiency. To request a complementary price quote, call us today!

AirCon & Battery Services

24/7 Towing Service

If you have an emergency vehicle issue or require a towing service immediately, do call us at 6352 5566. Our friendly and experienced Service Advisors will be ready to pick up your important calls at any time of the day! Be rest assured that the towing specialists are well-trained to perform all roadside breakdown assistance, accident towing, off-road vehicle project, vehicle door opening and many more!

In-depth vehicle communication is highly essential to enable the lifespan of your vehicles. To serve you better, do allow us to introduce an aftermarket diagnostic solution with proven reliability and accuracy as the perfect scan tool to diagnose your vehicles.

Truck Diagnostic Service

24/7 Mobile Service Truck

RICAS offers 24/7 mobile truck services. From engine troubleshooting to repair, the mobile truck is equipped to fix most truck issues.

What’s on Board:
Ample Tool Storage | Preventative Maintenance | Air Compressor
Welder | Generator | Air and Lube Delivery | Computer Diagnostics | More

24Hrs Mobile Truck Repair & Services
24Hrs Mobile Truck Repair & Services
24Hrs Mobile Truck Repair and Service
24Hrs Mobile Truck Repair and Service

Truck Service Packages are a dime a dozen. How would you know that you are getting the best offer?


To ensure your complete peace of mind, RICAS has designed its service packages by
incorporating the industry’s best practices. Experience more than just servicing and preventive maintenance from us!


Deliver your vehicle to us to give it a whole new look today! Feel the difference yourself.

Truck Servicing Packages in Singapore
Truck Servicing Packages in Singapore

Truck Service Packages